human design READING

Here are just a few things you will discover in this 50-minute reading, done via zoom:

  • Your natural strengths, and the best way for you to communicate to be heard

  • The characteristics of your unique design and ways to identify parts of you that have been conditioned

  • How to recognize when you may be taking on someone else’s energy, mistaking it for your own

  • How to listen to your unique Authority to make important decisions

  • The way to approach your eating that’s correct for you

  • The ideal environment to thrive in

  • You will be able to record this call through Zoom if you wish

* Keynote is recommended but NOT required before scheduling a reading. Having it will allow us more time to focus in detail on the rest of your chart as well as address any questions that come up in your experiences after receiving the information.



Still curious? I’m happy to answer any additional questions about what you can learn from a reading. Please email me at:

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