human design READING

Here are just a few things you will discover in this 50 minute reading, done via zoom:

  • Your natural strengths, and the best way for you to communicate to be heard

  • The characteristics of your unique design and ways to identify parts of you that have been conditioned

  • How to recognize when you may be taking on someone else’s energy, mistaking it for your own

  • How to listen to your unique Authority to make important decisions

  • The way to approach your eating that’s correct for you

  • The ideal environment to thrive in

* Keynote is recommended but NOT required before scheduling a reading. Having it will allow us more time to focus in detail on the rest of your chart as well as address any questions that come up in your experiences after receiving the information.



Still curious? I’m happy to answer any additional questions about what you can learn from a reading. Please email me at:

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hi, I’m amanda

I am a Manifesting Generator, a wife, a mom and a major Harry Potter fan. I grew up in New England and currently live in Nevada. I’ve been following Astrology since I was in my teens, which gave me a natural interest in Human Design.

Studying my Human Design as well as those around me has empowered me to approach my life, parenting and relationships in a more aligned way. Not everyone is meant to function the same, and knowing your design will give you the confirmation of what you’ve always felt to be true about yourself.

My process in reading your chart is to find the path of least resistance to start helping you get rid of conditioning which is not serving you. I will recommend any additional tools or resources at the end of our session as I see fit.