Keynote is a beautifully put together digital file that gives you a personalized look at the more introductory level components in your chart. Having your Keynote will help you start to understand and integrate some of the key features of your chart at your own pace. The things you will learn from your Keynote are:

  • The strengths and vulnerabilities of your type

  • Detailed information about your Profile and how it relates to how you interact with people

  • Approachable ways to follow your Strategy and Authority

  • How to identify when you’re experiencing the not-self, and how to get back to your natural state

  • Information about your personal destiny

  • Perfect for those who want some actionable key takeaways to start working with as well as those using it in combination with a reading for deeper self-understanding

* Keynote is recommended but NOT required before scheduling a reading. Having it will allow us more time to focus in detail on the rest of your chart as well as address any questions that come up in your experiences after receiving the information. Your personalized file will be delivered to your inbox within three business days.