Manifestor: The Self-Starter


You are the self-starters, making up only about 8% of the population. You’re unstoppable, and if you want something, you need to go get it. You just need to check in with your inner authority to see if what you think you want is what you want. People will want to control you, but if you make your intentions known, they may decide to help you rather than stepping in your way. Communication is key. It’s your job to blaze a trail and take the lead, recruiting others to do the work along the way.

Growing up, you often feel steamrolled by the authorities in your life. Be careful when parenting a Manifestor. Rather than deciding their every move for them, give them choices and use creative communication so that they can exercise listening to their inner authority and living their design. Encourage them to always ask permission, and try to say yes as much as you can; this will help them build trust that there are people out there that will conspire to help them. If you need to say no, make sure you explain the reason to them. If they get a lot of “no’s” without good reason, they’ll stop asking and start to rebel.

Rejection sucks but for you it's golden. It means that you are living in your design. You want rejection because you only want people that believe in you to hop on your bandwagon. Use rejection as your filter to quickly find your supporters.

When living your design you feel peace. When you're not living your design you feel anger, take a minute to find out where it's coming from and rethink your approach and make sure you’re informing people of your intentions.

Famous Manifestors: Robert DeNiro, Frida Kahlo

* Not every Manifestor is the same, this is a general guide to some insight on the energy type. If you want to learn more about all the intricate details in your unique chart, click here to schedule a reading.