Manifesting Generator: The Multi-Passionate


You are the superpower and newest of the types (also, the most misunderstood). You’ve got the energy of the Generator and the power of the Manifestor to make it happen. Nothing moves fast enough for you, and you always have multiple things that you’re working on. You avoid explaining what you're doing to someone because that will just take too long. Your job is to be lit up at all times, whatever that means to you. If you want to eat some cake, eat the cake. If you want to cancel lunch plans to snuggle on the couch with your puppy, then cancel the plans. Constantly being mindful to follow what will excite you is very important to start living your design. You’re very playful and need to stay that way. 

You’re not designed to work a linear career path, you’re best off following your passions and having a variety of different careers throughout your life. You love to experience a little bit of everything, and people may judge you to be flaky, but that’s not it at all. Accept this zest for life as how you’re wired. 

Since you have all of this energy to do all these things, you’re given the power to master something new in a short amount of time, because it may not hold your interest for very long. You have the most energy of all the types, and when living your design, you can easily draw other people in an get them excited too.

Just like Generators, feeling rejected is a clear sign that you're always putting others first and not caring for yourself. Schedule a Spa Day ASAP. 

If you try to force yourself to do something you’re not interested in, it won’t take long for it to suck the energy out of you. Try to avoid making long term social commitments, keep your RSVP tentative. It’s important for the people in your life to understand this, and give you the space to change your mind. You’re here to re-define the rules and show others the way.

When living your design you feel satisfied. When you're not living your design you feel frustrated. Like Generators, ask yourself if you jumped into something before letting your authority choose for you.

Famous MG’s: Hillary Clinton, Tony Robbins

* Not every Manifesting Generator is the same, this is a general guide to some insight on the energy type. If you want to learn more about all the intricate details in your unique chart, click here to schedule a reading.