Generator: The Life Force


You are the driving force of the planet! You have the energy to get the job done, but only if it’s something that lights you up. When you are living fully in your design, you don’t chase after things, you let them come to you.  This can be frustrating at times because of all the energy you have, but it’ll always be worth the wait. But keep in mind, if you don't have the opportunity to respond (for example, if you initiate something out of the blue, without invitation) then you can find yourself doing something you weren’t meant to. This will become super obvious when you get burned out or frustrated. You’ll reach plateaus in your project and this is where you may quit what you’re doing if your authority didn’t respond to it in the first place. 

When raising your Generator child, allow them to use sounds for yes and no rather than forcing them to use their words. This is the response directly from their Sacral, it’s important that they develop this relationship to make decisions (unless they're an emotional authority). 

Just like Manifesting Generators, you need to make sure you burn out all of your energy before trying to go to bed, or you will have trouble sleeping.

Use rejection as a massive sign that you're neglecting your needs to put everyone else's first. You've gotta remember to put your oxygen mask on first!

When living your design you feel satisfied. When you're not living your design you feel frustrated. Ask yourself if you jumped into things without letting your body respond, don't power through it, just go back and change course.

Famous Generators: Meryl Streep, John Lennon, Bill Clinton, Albert Einstein

* Not every Generator is the same, this is a general guide to some insight on the energy type. If you want to learn more about all the intricate details in your unique chart, click here to schedule a reading.