HD Rx Week 2 2019: Sensitivity


This week we have a couple of things happening. In addition to the Sun moving into Gate 19 on January 27, we also have Jupiter going into Gate 26 on the same day (more on Jupiter in the weekly notes at the bottom of the post). If you haven’t done it yet, you can head over to My Body Graph real quick to download your chart.

Gate 19 sits in Aquarius, the energy of this week supports the humanistic and reformative qualities of the sign.


This week is all about Gate 19. If you have Gate 19 defined (colored in) in your chart, you will notice this transit within yourself, if you don’t have Gate 19 defined then you will mostly notice this energy within your interactions. Either way, you will have access to it and will have the opportunity to take advantage of this transit.

Gate 19 can make you hyper aware of whose basic needs are met and whose are not, whether it be within your household or community. This is a good time for community service and checking in with your family’s eco system. This gate has the observational energy, but looks to someone with a Gate 49 definition to provide what it has noticed to be lacking.

This is also a very sensitive gate, emotionally and physically. If you’re in a rocky relationship, this will be a difficult time to try to be intimate; the underlying issues need to be dealt with before anything else can happen. Honesty is key right now, and you have the energy to support having very candid conversations is in your favor. This week is all about reflection, but does not have the energy to take action…that will happen in a couple weeks. Consider this an opportunity for reflection and seeking assistance.

People with definition in Gate 19, especially as children, need to be given discipline or to be managed in a more gentle way to get the best result for all involved. They can also easily see what people need to thrive, or what kind of potential they have to succeed.

In the physical sense, Gate 19 can be sensitive to touch and taste. It’s a good time to add some more Hygge to your home with some new cozy throw blankets and fluffy pillows. A new pair of soft house slippers for you and your significant other would be really thoughtful, just be sure to cut out the tags. Gate 19 can sometimes even tell the difference in taste if you switch to another brand, so it’s best right now overall to stick with what you know regardless of definition.

Gate 19 can develop fulfilling bonds with animals. If you’ve been considering adopting a pet for some time, the energy to do so will be supported this week.



The Ace of Cups is about getting in touch with your emotions and letting your authority call the shots. Emotional fulfillment will be achieved as long as you’re tuning in to your strategy and authority.

Image by Light Grey Art Lab

As the Sun transits, there are ideal days each week to do certain things. Here’s how they fall this week:

SUNDAY: Today is for planning your week ahead. It’s an ideal day to make sure you have everything you need in your schedule, send confirmations for upcoming meetings, meal prep, write your weekly to-do list and set your intentions for the next few days. To get you started, I’ve included some thought provoking journal prompts to get you thinking about how to maximize this transit.


  • What needs do I have that are not being met?

  • What is my part in getting my needs met? Am I in any way self sabotaging?

  • Who, if anyone, can help me get these needs met?

  • What needs do I need to discuss with my spouse / partner about our intimacy?

  • What is needed in my family, workplace or community?

  • What can I do to help?

>> Today Jupiter will transit into Gate 26, where it will stay until the beginning of March. It is the planet that shows us our inner logic and laws. Gate 26 is the gate of the salesman. On the high vibe, it’s one with honesty and care for a client’s needs. On the lower vibe, it acts with aggression and trickery. This energy isn’t just about selling things, it’s also about selling your ideas, as well as yourself. Notice the people around you trying to persuade you, are they being honest? Are you acting within your own code of integrity when you’re trying to get people on board with you? What are some times where you acted outside of your integrity, and what can you do to accept responsibility for it and move on? Think of a time you bombed a job interview, what went wrong? What was different about one that you totally nailed? Take this time to learn your balance with waiting to be recognized before springing into action, and only make promises that you’re certain you can keep.

MONDAY: Today is a day where you may get noticed and called out. Think of the 2nd line Hermit on the Hexagram - she stays secluded in her little cave until someone notices her and calls her out, and at that time she is engaged with the world around her. A great day to stay put until a friend asks you for coffee, also not the best day to approach your boss about a desired promotion.

TUESDAY: Today is a day of running into things, things catching you by surprise.  It could be good or bad, such as getting unexpected news or bumping into an old friend that you’re happy to see. Can you get unexpected news on other days of the week? Of course, but today is the day when that energy is the most heightened. As far as the types go, (non-emotional) Projectors and Generators thrive on days like today and yesterday, because the energy is in their favor to receive invitations and have something to respond to.

WEDNESDAY: Today is a day of completion via action. It could be low vibe or high vibe, such as someone getting fired or someone closing escrow and getting the keys to their new home. It doesn’t have to be that big, it can even mean finally going to your cable provider to cancel your service since you only watch Netflix anyhow. Since this is considered a transpersonal day, it’s a day where people are more likely to be friendly. Save your outside errands (especially shopping, this is the best shopping day of the week) for today and you will face them with more ease. Today, tomorrow and Friday are going to be the best days for non-emotionally defined Manifestors and Manifesting Generators.

THURSDAY: Today’s theme is practicality. Yesterday was the best shopping day of the week, but today is when you want to do your practical shopping like buying groceries or bringing your car for an oil change. People are more likely to notice and judge one another today, and reputations can be at stake. For example, if you’re going to be late for work today for whatever reason, your boss may be quick to judge you as unreliable ... even if it was outside of your control. On the flip side of that, today can really be your day to shine. Important meetings and presentations should be saved for today, the energy to impress your audience will be in your favor. Now is also the time to ask your boss for that promotion :)

FRIDAY: Today is the last day of the transit week, and therefore the day to relax in the way that’s best for you. If you’re pre Saturn Return however, today may be a day to do something wild. If you’re a parent, know that today your little one may be extra rambunctious. Regardless of where you’re at, today will be a day to reflect. Below I’ve got some journal prompts to get you started.


  • What steps have I taken to start getting my needs met?

  • What resources did I discover within myself to meet my own needs?

  • Who is on board to help me?

  • What was the result of my discussion with my spouse / partner? Have we reached an agreement? If not, am I prepared to part ways?

  • In what ways was I able to help my family, workplace or community this week? How can I continue to be of service on an ongoing basis while maintaining my own healthy energy balance?

Until next time,

x amanda