HD Rx Week 3 2019: Good Listeners


Hello and Happy February! In addition to the Sun moving into Gate 13 on February 2 we also have Saturn going into Gate 54 on February 3rd, but more about Saturn within this weeks schedule at the bottom of the post. If you haven’t done it yet, you can head over to My Body Graph real quick to download your chart.

Gate 13 is in Aquarius, which this week we will the friendly and loyal side of the sign, and also may experience alloofness and detachment.


This week is all about Gate 13. If you have Gate 13 defined (colored in) in your chart, you will notice this transit within yourself, if you don’t have Gate 13 defined then you will mostly notice this energy within your interactions. Either way, you will have access to it and will have the opportunity to take advantage of this transit.

Gate 13 has a very sacred duty; to be a fantastic listener and to keep secrets. I personally have this definition, and before I was aware of it, I always wondered why everyone, strangers included, would always spill their guts and share some of their deepest secrets with me. Don’t get me wrong, I like feeling trusted and looked to for guidance, but I always knew there had to be a bigger reason why I was having all of these experiences.

When you have Gate 13 defined, accepting that a role of “the listener” as part of your path is essential. Look at this as a major way to give back and help others. I encourage you to keep a journal of all the unusual interactions where you were able to hold space for someone. Really be mindful to keep their secrets though, especially if you have an undefined Throat. The lower vibe way to see this energy play out is someone using it to their advantage to get the info, then putting it out there for everyone to hear.

If you find yourself compelled to share some TMI with someone, they may have Gate 13 defined. Make sure you’re following your strategy and authority before spilling the beans to make sure you are in fact confiding in someone that will keep your secrets.

Overall, if something has really been weighing on your mind, this is the week where the energy to talk it out will really be supported regardless of definition. So go ahead, call up your BFF and have that long overdue chat sesh :)



The Queen of Cups really embodies the energy of Gate 13. Compassionate and nurturing, people are attracted to her healing aura and know that they can confide in her to be honest and to keep their secrets.

Image via Starchild Tarot

As the Sun transits, there are ideal days each week to do certain things. Here’s how they fall this week:

SATURDAY: Today is for planning your week ahead. It’s an ideal day to make sure you have everything you need in your schedule, send confirmations for upcoming meetings, meal prep, write your weekly to-do list and set your intentions for the next few days. To get you started, I’ve included some thought provoking journal prompts to get you thinking about how to maximize this transit.


  • Who do I find myself gravitating toward to share my secrets with?

  • Am I using my strategy and authority to decide if I am truly sharing with the right people?

  • Am I able to hold space for others when they need me to listen?

  • Am I good at keeping secrets?

  • Who frequently comes to me when they need a good listener?

  • Do I feel pressured to give advice, or do I only give it when I can see a solution to the problem?

  • Are these people only calling on me when they have problems, or are they willing to hear me out as well?

SUNDAY: Today is a day where you may get noticed and called out. Think of the 2nd line Hermit on the Hexagram - she stays secluded in her little cave until someone notices her and calls her out, and at that time she is engaged with the world around her. A great day to stay put until a friend asks you for coffee, also not the best day to approach your boss about a desired promotion.

>> Saturn transits into Gate 54 today, where he will hang out until the beginning of August. Saturn holds the energy of discipline, accountability and judgement. Gate 54 is about following your dreams once they’ve been recognized. If you have this definition, are you acting within your integrity to gain the recognition of your dreams? If you don’t have Gate 54 defined, are you helping others achieve their goals for the greater good, and not your own personal agenda? When you act against your morals, Saturn will make sure you know it. Goals that were not approached or supported with your highest integrity will no longer be cosmically supported.

MONDAY: Today is a day of running into things, things catching you by surprise.  It could be good or bad, such as getting unexpected news or bumping into an old friend that you’re happy to see. Can you get unexpected news on other days of the week? Of course, but today is the day when that energy is the most heightened. As far as the types go, (non-emotional) Projectors and Generators thrive on days like today and yesterday, because the energy is in their favor to receive invitations and have something to respond to.

TUESDAY: Today is a day of completion via action. It could be low vibe or high vibe, such as someone getting fired or someone closing escrow and getting the keys to their new home. It doesn’t have to be that big, it can even mean finally going to your cable provider to cancel your service since you only watch Netflix anyhow. Since this is considered a transpersonal day, it’s a day where people are more likely to be friendly. Save your outside errands (especially shopping, this is the best shopping day of the week) for today and you will face them with more ease. Today, tomorrow and Thursday are going to be the best days for non-emotionally defined Manifestors and Manifesting Generators.

WEDNESDAY: Today’s theme is practicality. Yesterday was the best shopping day of the week, but today is when you want to do your practical shopping like buying groceries or bringing your car for an oil change. People are more likely to notice and judge one another today, and reputations can be at stake. For example, if you’re going to be late for work today for whatever reason, your boss may be quick to judge you as unreliable ... even if it was outside of your control. On the flip side of that, today can really be your day to shine. Important meetings and presentations should be saved for today, the energy to impress your audience will be in your favor. Now is also the time to ask your boss for that promotion :)

THURSDAY: Today is the last day of the transit week, and therefore the day to relax in the way that’s best for you. If you’re pre Saturn Return however, today may be a day to do something wild. If you’re a parent, know that today your little one may be extra rambunctious. Regardless of where you’re at, today will be a day to reflect. Below I’ve got some journal prompts to get you started.


  • Who are my closest allies that I maintain a mutually beneficial friendship with? Do we only chat when times are tough, or do we also share our happy stories too?

  • How can I make sure that we have quality time, regularly?

  • If I’m not a good secret keeper, how is my relationship with those who I tend to blab about? What can I do to make sure we are both on the same page about our level of friendship?

  • When I give advise, do I check in with myself to make sure it’s the best solution for all involved and nothing to do with my personal preference?

  • Was I able to hold space for those in need, without becoming distracted or shifting the focus of the conversation?

Until next week,

x amanda