HD Rx Week 4 2019: Re-evaluating Partnerships


Hello loves, and welcome to Week 4 of this New Year. On February 8th the Sun transits into Gate 49 until the 13th, and will bring us a very “make it or break it” energy. If you haven’t done it yet, you can head over to My Body Graph real quick to download your chart.

We are still in Aquarius season, be mindful to aim for fairness and standing up for what you believe rather than a rebel without a cause energy for this week’s transit.


This week is all about Gate 49. If you have Gate 49 defined (colored in) in your chart, you will notice this transit within yourself, if you don’t have Gate 49 defined then you will mostly notice this energy within your interactions. Either way, you will have access to it and will have the opportunity to take advantage of this transit.

Gate 49 has a very black and white energy. Any relationships that you weren’t too sure of should come with a lot of clarity this week as to whether your partnership needs to end asap or is on track to go the distance. It’s not a time to play games with someone close to you (and for reals, just don’t play games anyway), it could be the deal breaker that pushes them over the edge.

Rules are rules to Gate 49, and there just is no grey area to that. If you don’t have Gate 49 defined and someone has been violating your relationship rules, this week will give you the energy to end things. Same goes if things are working … you may come to realize it’s time to take the next step. If you have definition in Gate 49, then this energy will feel very extra to you this week and push you to take care of whatever it is that you need to…

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