HD Rx Week 2 2019: Sensitivity

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This week we have a couple of things happening. In addition to the Sun moving into Gate 19 on January 27, we also have Jupiter going into Gate 26 on the same day (more on Jupiter in the weekly notes at the bottom of the post). If you haven’t done it yet, you can head over to My Body Graph real quick to download your chart.

Gate 19 sits in Aquarius, the energy of this week supports the humanistic and reformative qualities of the sign.


This week is all about Gate 19. If you have Gate 19 defined (colored in) in your chart, you will notice this transit within yourself, if you don’t have Gate 19 defined then you will mostly notice this energy within your interactions. Either way, you will have access to it and will have the opportunity to take advantage of this transit.

Gate 19 can make you hyper aware of whose basic needs are met and whose are not, whether it be within your household or community. This is a good time for community service and checking in with your family’s eco system. This gate has the observational energy, but looks to someone with a Gate 49 definition to provide what it has noticed to be lacking.

This is also a very sensitive gate, emotionally and physically. If you’re in a rocky relationship, this will be a difficult time to try to be intimate; the underlying issues need to be dealt with before anything else can happen. Honesty is key right now, and you have the energy to support having very candid conversations is in your favor. This week is all about reflection, but does not have the energy to take action…that will happen in a couple weeks. Consider this an opportunity for reflection and seeking assistance…

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