HD Rx Week 3 2019: Good Listeners


Hello and Happy February! In addition to the Sun moving into Gate 13 on February 2 we also have Saturn going into Gate 54 on February 3rd, but more about Saturn within this weeks schedule at the bottom of the post. If you haven’t done it yet, you can head over to My Body Graph real quick to download your chart.

Gate 13 is in Aquarius, which this week we will the friendly and loyal side of the sign, and also may experience alloofness and detachment.


This week is all about Gate 13. If you have Gate 13 defined (colored in) in your chart, you will notice this transit within yourself, if you don’t have Gate 13 defined then you will mostly notice this energy within your interactions. Either way, you will have access to it and will have the opportunity to take advantage of this transit.

Gate 13 has a very sacred duty; to be a fantastic listener and to keep secrets. I personally have this definition, and before I was aware of it, I always wondered why everyone, strangers included, would always spill their guts and share some of their deepest secrets with me. Don’t get me wrong, I like feeling trusted and looked to for guidance, but I always knew there had to be a bigger reason why I was having all of these experiences.

When you have Gate 13 defined, accepting that a role of “the listener” as part of your path is essential. Look at this as a major way to give back and help others. I encourage you to keep a journal of all the unusual interactions where you were able to hold space for someone. Really be mindful to keep their secrets though, especially if you have an undefined Throat. The lower vibe way to see this energy play out is someone using it to their advantage to get the info, then putting it out there for everyone to hear…

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