We have our Moon rituals, but what about the Sun?


HD Rx is your weekly cosmic insight into how to work with the Sun transiting through the Gates of the Human Design chart, in a very approachable way.

Learn how to expect these transits to play out in your life and how to best structure your week ahead to allow the most flow. The journal prompts included will guide you to focus on the area of your life that the transit affects at the start of the week, and reflecting on how things went at the end of the week.

You don’t have to know how to read your chart, this membership is open and accessible to everyone.


What will I receive with my membership?

  • Access to a new post every 5 - 6 days with full details on what to focus on / what the collective energy will be around for the current week.

  • A schedule for the week, according to what days are best to (ex:) go shopping, stay home and relax, ask for a promotion etc. These patterns repeat each week, they just fall on different days.

  • Journal prompts for the first and last day of each transit week. These will be beneficial to look back on since a lot of transits pick up in areas others left off at.

  • Info about any other big transits happening in the week, with the main focus always on the Sun.

  • Access to all past posts to reflect on when needed.

$10 / month


(billing will begin after the complimentary 2 week trial)